Closing things up and coming inside for a few...

November 6, 2014

Doors! We love the "barn door" style door for inside the home or outside on sheds and garages. It is fluid and space saving, as well as rustic and practical.  There are many great hardware options depending on the size and weight of the door. If there is ample room for the door to slide back to open, it is a beautiful way to have an easy opening door and maximize the width of the door frame.

Doors can be salvaged from a home remodel or a place like the Re-builder's Center, and can be custom made to fit by us. Or doors can be fabricated to your design by us, such as the barn door in the before and after pictures shown. This garage in NE PDX is easier for the homeowners to access, and more secure.

The first two pictures caught our eye in Oregon wine country this past summer. They are impressive examples of what a sliding door can add to open up any space.

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