Hidden Treasures in a dropped ceiling

July 9, 2014
We are currently on a remodel of a recently purchaced older home in NE Portland. The homeowners were excited to get going on upgrading the home and moving in. They had many great ideas, a good budget, and a willingness to do some of the legwork themselves. As our crew removed the dropped ceiling in the dinning room we were all suprised and excited to find wooden box beams, original to the home. They were in great shape having been hidden away all these years. The homeowners new our experience with wood restoration and decided to have us spruce up the existing beams, as well as add custom wooden mouldings in the living room to match and continue the look throughout the main living area. So beautiful!
  • Beams discovered!
  • Creating matching mouldings
  • Stained to match originalwood of the home

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