How do you find a contractor?

June 3, 2014
For most people summer is a busy season. There is lots of fun to be had in the sun and also lots of work to do before the weather turns again. We have noticed in the past 10 years that many people like to have projects done on their home in the summer. This can make it difficult to find professionals that are not booked for the season. Often small projects can be hard to get taken care of because companies are busy with larger jobs and cannot afford to divert attention and  labor resources away from those projects. Smaller jobs that normally would be easy to fit in and accomodate, become things that go on the back burner as summer picks up. We are often scheduled through summer before June rolls around. Our advise to anyone wanting to do a summer project is to get bids in Martch and book a contractorby April. Also, for interior projects such as painting, drywall repair, and bathroom remodels, consider haveing the work done in winter. It will be easier to get on the schedule faster and may end up saving you money.

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