Now is the time Contractors get busy!

April 18, 2014

Spring through fall are typically the busy season for most contractors. Nobody wants their kitchen or bathroom torn apart during the holidays and painting exteriors of homes in the freezing rain is not a good idea either. Many interior projects are great to do in the winter and might even be less expensive. Materials are often more expensive in the summer time when building is going crazy and many contractors may make their margins thinner in the winter to keep busy. We have realized most people are inspired to have work done to their home in spring and summer. Since scheduling can get tricky, and there are often more things to consider about a project then the things that are obvious at first look it is a good idea to start early. Start getting estimates now for projects you are interested in doing this summer. This is how our estimate process works:


First, make contact with our office via phone or email to discuss your project and set up a time for an estimate.


Next Niles will meet with you to look at your job and listen to your ideas.


We will then put together an estimate and most likely email it to you.


We will follow up with you to see if you have any questions or would like to change the scope of work in any way.


Once you except the proposal we will provide a contract as well as all of the paperwork required by the Construction Contractors Board (CCB.)


Then we will get you on our schedule and take it from there!


Take a look around, make some note on how you want your space to be transformed and contact us today!

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